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We manage and grow your Walmart dropshipping business for you entirely. Sit back, relax, and collect profits while we do the heavy lifting.

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Atlas Ventures grants you the opportunity to invest in an automated Walmart Dropshipping business of your own. Our founder, partners, and management team are seasoned e-commerce sellers with decades of experience and millions in sales collectively. We can scale Walmart stores quickly from day one.

Second largest online retailer in the US, after
Increase in E-commerce sales in 2020.
Walmart has 110 million unique monthly visitors per month.
Our Services
What do we do for our clients?

We ensure your Walmart store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new or an aged store transferred to our management teams. We provide you an Onboarding Checklist for you to complete and instructions for when you apply for your Walmart seller account. Once you’re approved, we take over!
Full-Time Management

Our dedicated partners and teams of Walmart selling experts monitor and scale your Walmart store to new heights. We manage your inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely. We have several Automation clients generating 6-7 figures in revenue annually. Since there are minimal restrictions on Walmart, an emerging marketplace, we can scale stores quickly from day one.
Generate Revenue

The purpose of a Walmart Automation business is to earn passive income without lifting a finger. This is what our teams largely do for clients while targeting a 15%-25% profit margin. Additionally, most Walmart Automation client stores earn their first thousand dollars in profit within 2 weeks of launching!
What's a Walmart Dropshipping Business?

Dropship Breakdown

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells physically in stock. Instead, when a store sells an item, it purchases the item from a third party supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Walmart in our eyes today is an absolute gold mine. There is minimal competition (less than 50,000 sellers) as opposed to Amazon (over 4 million sellers).

Walmart stores under our management can be scaled to great heights. Revenue typically increases each month as we research and offer more and more profitable items on the store. We can scale stores from DAY 1, since there are no Velocity Limits like on Amazon.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Negotiate Prices And Handle Sourcing And Freight?
We provide you with simple, easy, proven copy and paste templates to use for every step of the process to get the best quality, and lowest prices - guaranteed! Also, your Walmart Coach will cover all the logistics, and step by step instructions that will take you from a COMPLETE beginner to an expert during your exclusive live class.
Tell Me More About The 12 Weeks Of Mentorship
You'll have 2 weekly classes 1 hour each (video calls) that are in a small group setting with an Walmart expert who has already built a successful running Walmart business. You can ask questions live and these classes are also recorded for your lifetime access. You also have access to a private facebook group with nearly 1,000 other Walmart sellers, as well as access to 24/7 email support.
Why Is There A 2-4 Week Waitlist?
We run our classes in a curriculum style by batches and that's why we need to coordinate when the next class starts to place you together with other people at the same stage of the process.

In the meantime, you can go through our Digital Masterclass taught by Tyler himself to prepare for the live classes, and also participate and learn inside of our incredible Facebook community!
What Support Do I Receive After 12 Weeks?
You have lifetime VIP Support via email where all of our coaches are ready to assist you and answer your questions. You also have access to our private Facebook group with all of our students and our biggest success stories.

But the aim of the 12 weeks of coaching is to help you build the confidence and skills to become successful on your own running your business! We also offer heavily discounted options for current members to renew or prolong their training if they so choose!

How Do I Know That This Will Make Me Money?

Walmart did $500 billion in revenue in Q4 of 2020. If someone captures just a tiny percentage of that, 0.000002% for example, that's already 1 million in revenue for a store. We already know what products sell, what is their profit margin, how to get the best prices, and how to determine the potential. All decisions in our training are data-driven so before you invest in inventory, you know what to expect.
What's The Biggest Risk?
The biggest risk is not getting started because in 6 months from now, you might see someone who built a successful Walmart business and you might still be in the same place, wishing you had started back then. If you change nothing, nothing will change for you, and only you can take the first step toward changing your life, NO ONE else can do it for you...
 When Will I See An ROI - How Long Does It Take To Launch?
There are no guarantees in life or in business but conservatively, based on Tyler Graham's accounts and PERSONAL experience, it usually takes them roughly 6  - 12 months. We've seen results much faster but we like to underpromise and overdeliver!
 How Will The Coaching Sessions Be Structured, Do I Need To Prepare Anything?

To take full advantage of the coaching you would benefit from preparing questions you want to cover and sending them to our Walmart expert coaches in advance. We will prioritize these questions so we could support you in great detail if needed.
 How Do I Know This Isn't A Scam?
Disneyland has thousands of negative reviews online but it's supposed to be the happiest place on Earth. Do you think Disneyland is a scam? The same can be said for a college and any other big/popular thing. Unfortunately, clickbait provoking titles such as "is X person a scam?" are very effective on Youtube because it raises controversy. But notice that they only target people who have over 1 million+ followers because this way they get views from these videos. And these people who post the videos get paid based on how many views they get so it's natural they want to raise controversy. 

Take advice only from someone who has actually directly experienced the thing that's talked about. Watch our testimonials and research our students. They all have lots of good things to say because they have actually experienced it - they are not just speculating.Tyler Grahan has the largest and oldest Walmart Automation brand for a reason.

 So I Just Order 1 Of The 500 Or 1000 Products And Go For It?
No, these are not home-run products. These are examples of home-run potential products and they are just to give you ideas about what types of products are successful on Walmart. You'll learn everything you need to choose a successful product on your own from our classes and by looking at the potential products list.
 I Came Here And The Ad Said 10k Automated?
We have multiple packages available and obviously, the more automated and hands-off the service is, the more manpower it requires, and thus the more investment. We have packages for every budget so we'll make sure we'll give you the best option for your particular situation and goals.
 Is This Automated? (Will You Guys Do The Product Research For Me?)
We prefer to teach our students how to catch a fish rather than giving them the fish. We will give you access to hundreds of home-run potential products and we'll also teach you how to do it yourself. You'll learn exactly step by step how to run every section of the business so you'd have complete control over everything you do. Then you can make it automated by teaching it to your partner or executive assistant.
 How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money? (How Long Is The Waiting List?)
Usually, you can expect sales 3 months from the start of the training. And the waitlist is normally 2-4 weeks.
 Why Should I Choose To Work With You Instead Of Others?
We really don't have any competition in the market because no one provides a service at the level that we do. Tyler Graham has the oldest and largest Walmart Automation brand, and over the years, we've also produced the most success stories and the most explosive results for our clients and partners.
 What's The Success Rate?
If you asked the success rate of any college, what do you think they would say? Success rate is easy to ask but harder to measure. What we can say is that success leaves clues and if this didn't work, we wouldn't have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials from people all over the world following our system! The success is determined by you - how much time and effort you put into it - because our systems have been proven to work by hundreds of people before you.
 What Is Your Guarantee?
There are no guarantees in life or in business, but what we can say is that success leaves clues. Tyler Graham has the oldest and biggest Walmart Autopilot brands with hundreds of testimonials and happy clients. What matters are the reviews from the people who've directly worked with us, and you can check out these videos yourself.
Ready to get started?
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